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Screenwriting and production

The Heart’s Language (32’,2016) is medium-length documentary, directed by Silvana Nuti and coproduced by Sol Filmes and Atomica Filmes. The film is a portrait of the refugees’ new life in Brazil, while the country itself is going through one of its worst political and economic crises, an intense transformation process. The documentary was shown at the International Film Festival Migration and Refuge (Cine MigrArte, Brasília), the International Imaginary Lines Exhibition (Belo Horizonte), at the MIS (Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo), Sala Maria Antonia USP (São Paulo), Cine Matilha (São Paulo) and has been shown national and international exhibitions by UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency).

60-year Santa Elisa The film records the 60-year history of the Santa Elisa sugar and alcohol plant, based in Sertãozinho (SP), and its founder, visionary entrepreneur Maurílio Biagi, one of the implementers of the National Alcohol Program (Proálcool).
O filme registra a história dos 60 anos da usina de açúcar e álcool Santa Elisa, baseada em Sertãozinho (SP), e de seu fundador, o empresário visionário Maurílio Biagi, um dos implementadores do Programa Nacional do Álcool (Proálcool).

Short films

Elevate (3’, 2012) Amid debts and apathy, a young woman decides to climb to the top of Copan, the largest residential building in Latin America, while walking through downtown São Paulo, looking for an end to her problems. The film shows the power of choices. In times of rapid change, a pause can be the fundamental moment in which chaos and light alternate.

Blind Date (10, 2010) Violet is visually impaired from birth. Apparently happy, the only thing she longs for is love. Something she decides to look for with the help of a fortune teller, who sees nothing but the profit from her own business. Violet is then directed to a blind date, ignoring the surprises that life has in store for her. Violeta is Mariana Bargas, who is not an actress and is visually impaired from birth. An athlete and happy person who sees far beyond the limits that life has imposed on her.


Jack and Jill School e-book
Edition Sol Filmes

Pantanal Aquarium Biodiversity Museum

In 2012, Silvana Nuti produced the editorial content and films scripts for the Biodiversity Museum, located in Campo Grande (MS), which will be part of the Pantanal Aquarium, expected to be the largest fresh water aquarium in the world. The museum will be an instrument for scientific dissemination and environmental education, stimulating reflection on how life exists and how it was developed on Earth, encouraging ecological preservation.

Script and game development

"Operation Cosmos" is an innovative game, aimed at elementary schools studentes. It received the Nave Oi Futuro award, for best Brazilian educational game in 2008. Silvana Nuti developed the idea of the game in partnership with the internationally renowned physicist Marcelo Gleiser, later becoming partner founder of the company Redalgo, producer of educational games and developer of the game. www.redalgo.com

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