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Sol Filmes is a film and multimedia content producer specialized in storytelling.

The act of telling a story is a prehistoric exercise that originates with the cave paintings, around 40,000 BC, when man already felt the need to express himself.


Even today, the image expression through a narrative, whether written or visual, has a great power to trigger emotions. To tell stories that resonate in the heart is our work essence
Contar histórias que ressoam no coração é a essência de nosso trabalho.


Sol Filmes' proposal is based on the closest star to Earth, located in the heart of our solar system, about 150 million kilometers away. Just as the king star transforms hydrogen into helium, in a nuclear fusion, generating light and heat, we work to transform information into ideas, ideas into images and images into knowledge and emotion.

What is a narrative used for?

It is useful to spread ideas, knowledge, to create reflection, stimulate actions, to uplift a brand, to value people and businesses, it serves several purposes. A well-told story usually motivates, enchants, excites, it holds the attention from beginning to end, reaching its goal.

Who we are

SILVANA NUTI | Depois de se formar jornalista e trabalhar na Folha de S.Paulo e na TV Globo, entre outros veículos, Silvana Nuti spent four years in Europe, where, amid other jobs, she collaborated as a screenwriter for documentaries on Italian television. Back in Brazil, she started producing documentaries, some of them institutional, as the 60 year history of Santa Elisa sugar mill, one of the largest in the country in the 1990s, and its founder, the visionary entrepreneur Maurílio Biagi, one of the implementers of Proálcool program. In New York, she honed in the art of screenwriting and storytelling at The New School, and afterwards started producing games’s scripts, at Redalgo, a game producer company, where she has been cofounder. In 2011, Silvana Nuti and Kiyomori Mori started the Sol Filmes company.


KIYOMORI MORI | Specialized in mass communication, journalist and lawyer graduated from USP (University of São Paulo), Kiyomori Mori served as a correspondent for Folha de S. Paulo in Iraq during the war in the Persian Gulf. In 2006, he participated in the founding of Redalgo, an educational games producer, and developed the marketing department of the company. He is a founding partner of Sol Filmes.


EDWIN GHERARD | Doctorate in Drama at Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Paris (France), Edwin Gerard is an american born artistic director, actor and screenwriter, specialized in the classical repertoire in English and French and storytelling. Created and directed over twenty in-depth workshops exploring the work on Comedy and produced plays that ran in prestigious theatres in Paris, Los Angeles and in India. Directed and produced theatrical productions, as well as taught Acting technique, Improvisation, Scene Study, Playwriting in various schools between Paris and the US, La Jolla Playhouse Conservatory, UCSD; Walden Family Playhouse, Golden, Colorado; Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles.

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